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7 Day Jumpstart Healthy Eating Foundations

The 7 Day Jumpstart is a SIMPLE solution for healthy eating - take the GUESSWORK out of losing weight! Learn how to eat smart with the Law of Portions and you'll never have to count calories again! 

The 7 Day Jumpstart Healthy Eating Foundations Course has been created to fast-track your journey to health success with a simple and LONG-TERM maintainable system for healthy eating: 

  • STOP Crash Dieting with my 4 simple rules to follow, every day, to make sure you’re always making smart health decisions! Take the thinking out of eating healthy! 
  • No more counting calories! Learn my Law of Portions: A simple way to understand how much of each food group you SHOULD BE EATING without using ANY TOOLS! 
  • Completely DONE FOR YOU! Complete sample meal plan for you to follow - and how to build your OWN meal plan to customize!
  • Stop craving sugar! Best practices & tips to banish sugar cravings and adopt a healthy lifestyle from Health & Fitness Coach, Amina Khan. 
  • STAY ON TRACK! Printable accountability tracking pages to monitor your progress
  • MASTER TEMPTATIONS! 5 BONUS VIDEOS teaching you practical tips, including how to stay healthy at retaurants, identifying your personal food temptation style & much more!  

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