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Most Muslims struggle with their health.

We make simple, fast, effective fitness & weight loss programs for Muslim families!

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Muslim fitness made simple.

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From 16 to 60yrs+, our workouts cater to all fitness & experience levels. 

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"The results have been amazing. Amanah Fitness programs are very flexible. It’s very easy especially as a student, professional and as a mom when sometimes it can be hard to find time to workout and take care of your health. I’ve done other online programs that didn’t help me. With Amina, I’m consistent and the coaching style is very energetic and exciting!"

- Rana Ahmed

"After having my second baby, I was looking to get back in shape. Amina is a really great coach. If someone like myself with 2 babies can find 20 minutes to workout, I think everyone should be able to take responsibility for their health and workout with Amina!"

- Niha Memon

"Amanah Fitness always has modifications for whatever level you’re at. As long as you stay determined, you know you’re going to benefit from it. So if you want to get stronger, if you want to get fitter, if you want to just all-around feel better about yourself, I definitely recommend Amanah Fitness!"

- Mai Wageh

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